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Despite its widespread influence, the precise date of the eruption has been hard to pin down.Some archeologists have put the event at around 1500 B. Santorini at that time was united from Aspronisi to Faros. (The Minoan eruption) by George Vougioukalakis* In the late 17th century B. The huge eruption before the Minoan age occurred 21.000 years ago and gave the shape of the island in which Santorinians of the late Bronze Age inhabited. The eruption, which is also called Minoan, destroyed every trace of life from all the group of islands, keeping underneath the great layer of ashes that it deposited, the unique wealth of Prehistoric Santorini that the excavations at Akrotiri are bringing to light during the last four decades.A small channel between Faros and Aspronisi was allowing the sea to enter into a caldera, where on its centre was the top of an underwater volcano similar to the one we meet in the today’s Palea and Nea Kameni. As far as the magnitude of the eruption is concerned, the findings of intensive submarine research give the estimation that the mass of the matter from the Minoan eruption was 55 km3 magma or approximately 150 billion tons of rock.Not a bad choice, considering that Santorini and Crete may've been linked historically back in the time of Daedalus' mythical flight. Santorini is the remains of what was once a crescent-shaped island called Thera.

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The Minoans vanished not long after, and were replaced by Greek Mycenaeans. The sun had to've been blotted out for days, and great tsunamis swept the Eastern Mediterranean.

But everything depends on when the eruption occurred. That matches art on Egyptian trade goods found in Akrotiri.

It's also when we think the Hebrew exodus from Egypt took place.

The pair of studies appears in the 28 April issue of the journal , published by AAAS, the nonprofit science society.

During the Late Bronze Age, large building complexes appeared on Crete and later on mainland Greece as part of the Minoan “New Palace” civilization.


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