Midsummereve dating

Midsummer – or – is still a huge deal across Sweden, with people young and old getting together to celebrate, either at large community events or smaller gatherings of friends and family.Almost everyone gets to finish work early on Midsummer’s Eve, leading to a mass exodus from the cities and out into the countryside, where meadows full of wild flowers are at their most beautiful.The other part of the traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration involves eating and drinking copious amounts, ideally outside, and ideally without rain or mosquitoes to dampen the mood.

The actual date of Midsummer's day and the Summer Solstice may vary between the 20-21 June.

It has become one of the most important holidays in Sweden.

Festivities start on the Friday before - Midsummer's Eve (Midsommarafton).

Many people will wear traditional folk costumes and listen to traditional music.

It is also a holiday on which the Swedish will consume a large amount of alcohol and raucous drinking songs are a common sound during the celebrations.


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