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Each major sport–baseball, football, basketball, and even hockey–has myriad examples of teams that should ditch their current nicknames and adopt a new, better one. Since going team by team through the hundred some odd pro sports franchises in America is a bit of a logistical challenge, I’ve pared the list down to the 5 most egregious instances of nickname abuse in each sport. Isn’t it kind of disrespecting your city if you think that the potential names from that place are so bad that you have to pick one from halfway around the globe? The thing is, the New Orleans basketball team has the potential to have one of the best names in all of sports: the New Orleans Jazz. You know what Utah has a lot of (other than Mormons)? Generals is a tempting name but it has such a long and storied history of losing- the Generals went 6 – 13,000 between 19 playing the Harlem Globetrotters every night (including multiple 3,000 game losing streaks). Raptors: Any team named after Jurassic Park must get a new name immediately. [button color=”blue” link=””]NHL[/button] Before I begin I want to make clear that Columbus Blue Jackets is a cool name. I guess your opinion of it depends a little on what you think of non-S names in general but I think Minnesota could do much better. Apparently, the guy who owned the team a while back was named Tex and they called the team Tex’s Rangers and the name stuck. There’s potential here but one poorly named red, white, and blue team in New York is silly.What follows is a team by team breakdown of why the current nickname has to go and a proposal for a better option. I have a strong preference towards regionally relevant nicknames. Just gotta keep Joe Arpaio from sullying the name and we’re good to go. Cincinnati is home to the first full time fire department in the US. What in the world does Wizards have to do with Washington? The Raptors held a fan vote to determine the new team’s name and ‘Raptors’ won in the wake of the movie’s popularity. There are two main problems with the name ‘Raptors’: 1) How does Canada’s only basketball team have such a generic name? Canada-specific, cool, and the mascot could be a beaver dribbling a ball or something. The Lakers have a long and storied history as the Lakers and are basketball’s premiere franchise. It’s nearly impossible to come up with a name to rival the cache of Los Angeles Lakers but I’ll give it a shot. The California Condor is a very cool, intimating, location-specific bird and would make a cool nickname. No, a blue jacket isn’t going to instill fear in the heart of your opponent but it’s got a Civil War thing going on and I like it. Predators: A case of intimidation factor washing out regional relevance.True story, my high school mascot was the Kangaroo. I think my senior year our football team only one 1 or 2 games and I truly believe part of that was due to trying to intimidate our opponents with a 6 foot tall blue kangaroo mascot. You want to pick a name your player, parents and coaches alike will be proud to yell for and support.Keep in mind also that softball teams planning on playing together for several years and through different levels of play don’t want to keep changing names. While orange and black may be your absolute favorite colors together to most everyone else they just scream Halloween.You can tinker with your rankings, identify your favorite sleepers (and busts), print your cheat sheet, practice your draft strategy with mock drafts, and constantly check for injury updates, but your 2016 preseason work isn't complete until you come up with a good fantasy football team name.

One of my friends calls his team the Funky Monkeys.Whatever your motivation, you’re sure to find ideas here. There are many options for bowling team names which are more rude or crude. Just think of balls, holes, pins, racks, fingers, splits, bow(e)l, b(lo)w… After all, many people think “Its all About Sets Baby!However, I don’t want to offend any visitors to my site, or get your team disqualified! ” See more team name ideas on our main Cool Team Names page.Here are some of the top names that have been submitted by others: Refugees (Submitted by Marissa Hurley from Oregon.She mentions that the name was important because of a mid-season coaching change) Six-Pack En Fuego Explozion Shotz (All of those were from someone in Iowa that wanted to be nameless) Victorious Secret (Another anonymous submission) Sexy 6 Mighty Angels What have been your best ideas for a team name? Or did you use the name for one of your teams and you have a picture of your team to submit for the rest of us to enjoy?I have seen a team called Gone Fishin’ because of the time they spend in the net. You could go for a team name that is supposed to intimidate the other team.


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