D3 stuck at updating tools

— The Spybot updater can fail from time to time on its 1st attempt to download the latest updates.

Please try to update again: If the Updates fail on their 1st attempt, please click the update button again.

I've rebooted and retried a bunch of times and get the same exact result over and over, stuck on Retry: I have no idea what to try, or even how to get out of this endless update "problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later" retry loop. Disk partitions look like this, which I suspect may be the problem somehow: Updates based on the answers and comments: Update! After grabbing the, uh, "fixed" version of this update, it did finally install fine on this machine. However, I have almost 200gb free on the boot drive in this case.. But it offers to use another drive, which I've done.

There was a little weirdness where I had to reboot it in the middle, but otherwise it definitely worked, 10586 is installed now. On the machine I have managed to get it installed on Windows Update spent time downloading, then "preparing" during which there was more downloading, and then finally the reboot and install. But even though it has plenty of space, it's still stuck in the same loop.

If your issue has begun since upgrading to Windows 10, or installing a new update for Windows 10, see here.

If you are trying to install the OTA update 20170112 and you have the problem of not getting past the screen saying ‘Reboot’ this information is for you.

It looks like if you, like me have NOT installed TWRP, Rooted or installed a custom ROM on your P9000 and you have only taken the OTH updates sent to you by Elephone, the last update 20160810 screwed your phones original recovery (well done Elephone) and you will not be able to successfully install the current new OTH update, and likely as not never be able to install any Elephone updates unless you repair your phones recovery yourself !!

Actually I think this is a valid answer, I had a few people on Twitter say "I didn't have enough disk space and when I cleared some up it worked".

I don't think anyone from MS has actually tested this :-( It looks like at some point your update did install fine, so option 1 and 2 are the most likely culprits.


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