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The Network errors being reported all sound fairly similar.

Multiple PSN users are reporting of being booted from their games, with many unable to engage in party chat at all on PSN. My friend tried to make one as well but has the same issue."The same issues are also being reported across Reddit."Happened here as well, was in a rainbow 6 game and everyone in the game got booted from parties into game chat." wrote one user.

Parental controls were added to the Playstation 4 to try to give parents more control over their child’s gaming activities, but it doesn't have the capacity to determine what children are watching by live stream.

The parental controls on the Playstation are so weak that even Consumer Reports labeled the new console as “putting your kids at risk.” Most of these risks come from the live streaming function of Playroom that comes pre-loaded on every Playstation 4.

Playroom does not include a filter for unsuitable content, and that is no fault on Sony’s side.

Chances are that you’ve heard of or even own a Playstation 4; however, you might be a little surprised by what kind of content the Playstatyion 4 can access.

Passwords Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Password" option at the "Extras" menu.

Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive passwords to unlock the corresponding bonus when a saved game is resumed or another game is started.

The Play Station Network Service Status is showing as green for all services, but fans are complaining of being booted from their online services in their droves.

We will continue to update this story until the PSN servers are back online for the majority of people.


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