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ALEX: They had four so four people could be on at the same time. Companies that provided these services would split the proceeds with France Telecom, and quickly everyone was making a ton of money. BOTH: [laugh] ALEX: But the reason we’re talking about it is because we have a story this week from producer Carla Green. What it actually did was convince the French government to distribute a 0 computer to every French household with a phone number.And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the chatrooms French people most loved were the sex chatrooms.They were called Minitel rose – French for “Pink Minitel”.Some argue over what constitutes a legitimate “dox” because of how freely available personal information is online, but at Crash Override, we use the following definition:“Doxing is the act of publishing someone’s personal information, of which there would be a reasonable expectation of privacy and dubious value to the conversation, in an environment that implies or encourages intimidation or threat.”This includes information that may arguably be easy to find, such as a home address from a Who Is lookup or personal photos from Facebook, so long as it is wielded in a threatening manner - for instance, tweeted at someone in response to a disagreement.

Those chatrooms quickly became the single biggest reason people logged on. Our messages need to be short and thumb-friendly for typing but we still need to pack in meaningful information along with the baseline ingredients of courtesy and etiquette.Hundreds of bizarre jargon expressions have spawned as a result.[CA] My grandma's live-in boyfriend of 7 years didn't call an ambulance or family after she fell six times in one day, and left her on the floor.We're trying to get him to move out but he's claiming tenant rights even though he is a lodger and there was never a contract.IF YOU FEAR BEING DOXED, PLEASE REVIEW OUR GUIDE TO DOX SCRUBBING HERE: IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER, PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL EMERGENCY NUMBERFor everyone else, including those curious about doxing and those who have already been targeted, the following is a primer on the realities, pathology, and personal solutions for this particularly nasty form of online harassment.


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